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This is the class teacher’s email – please use this for matters around your child’s learning and continue to use info@whaleybridge.derbyshire.sch.uk for all other matters.

SATs Presentation for Parents 2022

SATs Parent Presentation 2022

Home Learning

An up to date interim package of home learning is available below and will be refreshed periodically. This comprises taught content, activities and links to further information and is matched to content being delivered in school. This material is designed to be accessed by individual pupils who may be isolating at home, ensuring that they maintain pace with peers learning in school. This is for days one and two of learning. Further learning will be provided by the Class Teacher through Teams.

Please visit TTRS or Spelling Shed to complete some practice activities. In addition, during the first day of isolation, your child should complete some of the activities in their CGP books.



 OWL Jubilee Homework


Letters From the Lighthouse Ebook links:

https://video.link/w/ValKc - Chapter 11

https://video.link/w/nblKc - Chapter 12

https://video.link/w/zblKc - Chapter 13

https://video.link/w/AblKc - Chapter 14

https://video.link/w/CblKc - Chapter 15

https://video.link/w/WzqMc - Chapter 16

https://video.link/w/z0qMc - Chapter 17

https://video.link/w/Y0qMc - Chapter 18

https://video.link/w/41qMc - Chapter 19

https://video.link/w/R1qMc - Chapter 20

https://video.link/w/12qMc - Chapter 21

https://video.link/w/L2qMc - Chapter 22

https://video.link/w/k3qMc - Chapter 23

https://video.link/w/E3qMc - Chapter 24

https://video.link/w/Y3qMc - Chapter 25


Please continue to read regularly and use TTRS to practise your times tables/ 

OWL Homework

Black Rhinos Spring 1 OWL Homework

Accompanying Science Resource