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WBPS Reading Spine


Reading at WBPS takes a number of forms:

1) Our colour banded reading book system (above) which is designed to support pupils in practicing their word reading (decoding) skills as well as developing comprehension.

2) Regular opportunities to enjoy and become immersing in the world of books through reading for pleasure, busy reading, shared class reads. 

3) Guided reading sessions: taught sessions in class which teach readers the skills they need to develop excellent fluency and comprehension.



Early Reading and Phonics 

At Whaley Bridge Primary School we use the Phonics International approach to phonics teaching which forms the bedrock of our early reading.

This is a highly structured synthetic phonics approach which teaches knowledge of the alphabetic code (letters linked to the sounds of speech).

Our Phonics teaching focuses on three core skills:

1. ‘Sounding out and blending’ for reading, complemented by our fully decodable reading books.

2. Identifying sounds in words for spelling.

3. Handwriting.

Phonics International introduces the sounds in the following order:

More information about Phonics International

Phonics International in a NutshellPhonics International- Letter to Parents September 2021

Supporting your child with Phonics:

We use speech sounds rather than letter names. When teaching the letter sounds, ensure you use ‘pure’ and distinct sounds and avoid adding an extra "uh" sound (schwa) at the end of the sound.  Watch the Phoneme Pronunciation Guide video to hear the correct way to say each sound.

Jolly Phonics

Useful parents information

In October 2021 we held a parent information session outlining our Phonics International whole school approach. The Powerpoint from this session can be accessed here;

 Phonics International Parents Session 2021