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We value your support and appreciate your feedback.

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  • You can complete the Ofsted Parent View questionnaire any time (link below).
  • Or alternatively, please look out for our regular feedback questionnaires sent out to the whole school. The results of our latest parent survey can be found below.

Parent Survey Dec 21

We appreciate all your responses, kind words and suggestions.

Thank you so much for today, our child absolutely loved it! (Parent response to World Cup Day - Nov 2022)

Thank you everyone, and especially Mr Cooper for making this happen, our child had an amazing day!! (Parent response to World Cup Day - Nov 2022)

Amazing, our child had a lovely time watching the football today, thank you all for making it happen and for getting everyone into the football spirit! - (Parent response to World Cup Day - Nov 2022)

I am so proud of our amazing school. The fact that every year our brilliant teachers give our children opportunities like this and they step up to the challenge with so much energy, enthusiasm and maturity. I could not be prouder of the children and the school (Parent response to Children in Need - Nov 2022)

The new library area is so cute and inviting for the little ones. We are so glad we chose Whaley School, our child loves it and is so happy (Parent - Oct 2022)

So well deserved. Both Mrs Walton and Mrs Hathway have worked so hard through challenging times. With a brilliant team of teachers and support staff alongside them. It has always been a brilliant school. (Parent response to Ofsted Report - Sept 2022)

FANTASTIC! Well done to  all of the staff for your work towards this. I'm sure that Whaley Bridge will continue to flourish under Mrs Hathway's guidance and unwavering passion for giving all pupils the best possible start. (Parent response to Ofsted Report - Sept 2022)

It was absolutely amazing - well done to everyone and thank you for getting WB Primary involved in this. (Parent response to the Young Voices Concert - May 2022)

So much has been achieved in the recent months and it was a joy to see such cohesion amongst the team. Each agent and item owners understand their role really well and each taking their responsibilities seriously and thus creating a sense of belonging with each contributing to the development of the school! I could see that the team are actually close to the school staff, understanding what they have gone through in recent months and understanding what has been achieved which I feel is super important and all questions raised were pertinent! There’s clearly a good variety of skills on the team which isn’t easy to find. (Parental Observation of a Governor Meeting - Nov 2021)

The staff at WBPS are so happy and positive. (Parent - Nov 2021)
It's wonderful to see your posts on Facebook. It really gives a sense that you're in the community. (Parent - Nov 2021)
We couldn’t be happier with our school choice, thank you so much for everything you’ve done and are doing. (Parent - Nov 2021)


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