Whaley Bridge ER Primary School



This is the class teacher’s email – please use this for matters around your child’s learning and continue to use info@whaleybridge.derbyshire.sch.uk for all other matters.

Home Learning

An up to date interim package of home learning is available below and will be refreshed periodically. This comprises taught content, activities and links to further information and is matched to content being delivered in school. This material is designed to be accessed by individual pupils who may be isolating at home, ensuring that they maintain pace with peers learning in school. This is for day one of learning. Further learning will be provided by the Class Teacher through Teams.

Day One of Isolation Home Learning Tasks

Maths - complete the tasks focusing on addition and subtraction. Answers are included on within the PDF. 

English - complete the SPAG (Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation) tasks. Answers are included within the PDF.

Science - This term we will be looking at animals including humans. Year 1 Maths

Year 2 MathsYear 1 SPAGYear 2 SPAG




Homework will be set on Friday and is to be completed by the following Wednesday.

Thank you 

Homework Tasks:

  • Please read your home/school reading book 
  • Log onto Deepening Understanding to complete the task
  • Log onto TTRS to practise your times tables (Year 2s) 


OWL Homework

Over the next half term, please choose at least 1 project to work on at home, this is in addition to the weekly homework. When the project is completed, please bring it into school on Monday 8th November.  There will be a special assembly to share and celebrate the projects. 

OWL homework Hedgehog Class