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Nursery provision at WBPS

We are fortunate that there are a number of excellent private nursery providers in Whaley Bridge. As a school we aim to work in partnership with all the local providers.

Bridgemont Nursery, who were recognised as an outstanding private nursery when last inspected at their previous premises,  have been operating from a building on the Whaley Bridge site since  17/1/22.  They have given notice that they will cease trading from 31/12/24. WBPS are currently consulting on a proposal to operate a similar provision, in the same accomodation from 1/1/25 - see further information about the consultation below.

Bridgemont continue to offer their excellent provision and take bookings for Autumn 2024, and is its envisaged that a seamless transition between providers will take place depending on the consultation.  More information about the provision Bridgemont offer  can be found on their website - bridgemontnursery.co.uk and on their Facebook page - Facebook - Bridgemont Nursery.

Please contact them directly if you require more information prior to December 2024 - 07855723646.  Enquiries about nursery provision at WBPS from January 2025 onward should be addressed to info@whaleybridge.derbyshire.sch.uk

A copy of Bridgemont's safeguarding and child protection policy can be found below:


Frequently Asked Questions about Bridgemont's operation on the Whaley Bridge site:

FAQs Bridgemont

 Consultation to extend age range: Summer 2024

 The Governors of Whaley Bridge Primary School opened a consultation to extend the age range of the school from 4-11 to 3-11 for four weeks from 24/6/24 to  19/07/24.

In response to feedback from the community, the governors decided to further consult to extend the age range o include 3 years olds. See consultation 2 below.

The consultation has been shared with local providers of early years and primary education as well as key representatives of the local community. 

WBPS consultation June 2024WBPS consultation 2 July 2024