Whaley Bridge ER Primary School

Pink River Dolphin

Pink River Dolphins is our year 5 class. We have an exciting year ahead of us, diving in deep to our South America topic in September and then later in the year we'll be turning ourselves into valiant Vikings! If you want to find out more about what we will be learning this year, you can find our long term plan here.


This is the class teacher’s email – please use this for matters around your child’s learning and continue to use info@whaleybridge.derbyshire.sch.uk for all other matters. 


Pink River Dolphins should aim to do the following homework daily.

  - Reading: Children should be reading a wide variety of text daily, with a minimum expectation to read their school book with an adult 3 times a week. Adults can support their child's reading by checking they have understood the text using our VIPERS questions, then please record this in your child's reading record, clearly showing when reading has been done independently and when with an adult. 

  -TTRS: Children should log in daily to TTRS for 10 mins to practise their timetables. 

 Pink River dolphins will have weekly homework set on Fridays to be completed by the following Wednesday. 

  -Spelling shed: This will be 3 spelling games related to the spellings taught in school that week. 

  Deepening understanding: Each week a maths and literacy task will be added for children to complete. 

Thank you for your help and support. 

OWL Homework