Whaley Bridge ER Primary School

Year 6



This is the class teacher’s email – please use this for matters around your child’s learning and continue to use info@whaleybridge.derbyshire.sch.uk for all other matters.

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Year 6

Home Learning – Spring 2:  2021

  • All the activities on the timetables have been set as assignments on Microsoft Teams. Your child should see these when they login to their account. They are clearly labelled with the date and subject. Any resources that you need for a lesson will be attached to the assignment on Microsoft Teams.
  • Our  Class Catch-up Teams Meetings have been added to the timetable for each week.
  • If you have any concerns or questions about your child’s home learning, please get in contact via the Year 6 email which is at the top of this page.

Home Learning (Complete if you are isolating due to COVID symptoms/bubble isolation/in the event of remote learning) 


Week Beginning 22.2.21

 Year 6 Home Learning Timetable wk beg 22.2.21.pdf

Week Beginning 1.3.21

 Year 6 Home Learning Timetable wk beg 1.3.21

Week Beginning 8.3.21

 Year 6 Home Learning Timetable wk beg 8.3.21

Week Beginning 15.3.21

 Year 6 Home Learning Timetable wk beg 15.3.21

Week Beginning 22.3.21

 Year 6 Home Learning Timetable wk beg 22.3.21

Week Beginning 29.3.21

 Year 6 Home Learning Timetable wk beg 29.3.21

Maths Support at Home




Homework Set: 1.4.21

Please read chapters 4, 5 and 6 of Kensuke's Kingdom to prepare you for our writing when we return to school. You may choose to read the ebook, which can be found here:

Kensukes Kingdom E-book

 or, by listening to the audio book found at the link below:

Kensuke's Kingdom audio book

If listening to the audio book, chapter 4 begins at 47:30 mins and chapter 6 ends at around 1 hour 55 mins.


The children can, of course, read the rest of the book if they wish!

*Please note, I have use a secure link to YouTube, however adult supervision is advised.